There are three streams within the Temporary Employer-Sponsored Visa, these are the “Short term” stream (which is a two-year temporary visa), the “Medium term” stream which is up to a 4-year visa, (and can have a pathway to PR after 3 years) and the “labour Agreement” stream which is for less skilled positions in need of workers that cannot be sourced from the local workforce (and must have been approved by Immigration prior to any applicants being nominated).

The stream you can access will depend on the occupation an Employer needs to fill. It also requires you as the nominated applicant to meet the criteria related to your English level, Qualifications, work experience and character.

How does the process work?

There are 3 main steps in the application:

  1. The Employer needs to apply to Immigration to be approved as a Business Sponsor (SBS).
  2. The Employer lodges a ‘nomination application’ that shows evidence that no-one in the local workforce is suitable and nominates you and your profile for the position.
  3. This is your visa application, which reiterates your skills qualifications and English ability in relation to the nominated position.

For the 482 visa, all 3 steps can be lodged in succession OR an employer can choose to only proceed to the next step once the prior step has been approved.

Once the visa is granted, you and the Employer are then in a legal agreement that you can only work for them and they must meet their obligations related to payments and Employment law.

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