Obtaining residency in Australia working in tourism and hospitality is the dream for many and one popular option to work in the country is through Employer Sponsor. This article will explain you step by step how is the pathway to be sponsored as a chef in Australia.

Step 1: Finding the sponsor

The first step might be the more difficult for a lot of people, as you have to find a legally operating business willing to sponsor you in Australia. The good news is since COVID 19 hit, it is increasingly more difficult for Venues to find the right long term team members for hospitality and tourism businesses so they are more willing and motivated to search the internal markets .

Today, they are more willing to look at your profile and give you a chance. Also, you can use platforms such as EMSA EMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS who is database of suitable candidates from overseas and around Australia to help match the best candidates to the right employers.

Step 2: Employer application to Immigration to sponsor

This will either be an SBS (Standard business sponsor) for a 482 visa process, or an RCB (Regional Certifying Body) for the 494 visa. Usually this is handled by the employer.

Step 3: Sponsor nominates the position they need to fill

The Employer lodges a ‘nomination application’ that shows evidence that no-one in the local workforce is suitable and nominates you and your profile for the position. Depending on the position, some requirements might be to advertise the position for some time.

Step 4: Lodging your visa application as the suitable applicant

This is your visa application, which reiterates your skills qualifications and English ability in relation to the nominated position. Depending on your country of origin, you might need to do a skills assessments to demonstrate your experience and qualifications.

What about Employer Sponsorship in regional locations?

In addition to this, workers who can greatly contribute their skills and experience to regional venues, can also be considered for other type of Employer sponsored visas which can give the Employers a more secure committed team member that requires them to work exclusively for the sponsoring employer. So jobs located in venues with postcodes that Immigration designate as regional, can access a much wider range of visa pathways, and Employers can utilise their location as an appealing part of their recruitment strategy and also the sponsored visa tenure can provide more stability and security to the work force planning.

So what is regional?

Immigration have specific determination of what is deemed regional for immigration purposes, and you can read the full outline of postcodes here :


Is sponsor visa my only pathway as chef in Australia?

For some job categories, if candidates are willing to travel to Regional Australia for work they have triple the chance to get residency than if applying independently for skilled migration. This means more candidates are considering regional venues to work as it can assist them with meeting state nomination criteria for their visas. As different states require different timeframes for living/working regional to be considered for nomination, this gives employers the benefit of a relevant worker who is looking for a minimum tenure which can help with short to medium term employment strategies.

At EMSA Employment Solutions we can help you find a suitable employer willing to sponsor you as a chef in Australia. You can register your details here and our team will assess your profile.

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