Australia offers many opportunities for chefs to live and work permanently. First of all, chef is on the main skilled occupation list  meaning there are several visa pathways available to you depending on how much work experience you have, and what qualifications you hold, there are points-based visas or there are employer-sponsored visas which you can read about here and here

What are my options to migrate as a chef?

For points-based visas such as 189, 190 and 491 there are usually 3 main steps involved :

  1. Get a Skills Assessment for your occupation
  2. Calculate points and if more 65, lodge an EOI (Expression of interest)
  3. Once invited by immigration you then lodge your Visa application.

The points-based visas require you to have at least 65 points as a minimum, but the more points you have, the higher your chance of being invited to lodge a visa. The 189 visa is inviting people who have at least 85 points, whereas state nominated visas (190 and 491) usually accept a lower score as long as it is at least 65.

The 190 visa is PR and the 491 is granted for 5 years and you can access PR after 3 years. Its also highest priority for processing. You can read more about the 491 here

Employer-Sponsored Visas for Chefs

One of the most well know Employer-sponsored visas is the 482 visa, which has 3 steps but the most difficult one could be finding the right employer willing to sponsor you. EMSA Employment Solutions offer the chance to match you with an employer in Australia willing to help you in your application. You can sign-up here.

Apart from that, the main three steps to apply for a 482 visa are:

  1. The employer applies for sponsorship
  2. The Employer nominates you for the position
  3. You lodge your visa linking it to their nomination.

You as the applicant need to prove the required duration of work experience and/or qualifications. Depending on where you studied as a chef, a skills assessment may be required.

The 482 can be granted for up to 4 years for occupations on the main list, and you can access PR after 3 years.

Another option could be the 494 visa. This is a regional employer-sponsored visa, meaning it is similar to the 482 but the employer must be located in a regional postcode. So the steps are:

  1. The employer applies for certification from the local regional body
  2. The employer nominates you for the position
  3. You lodge your visa linking to their nomination.

A skills assessment from you is definitely required along with 3 years full-time experience.

The 494 is granted for 5 years, and you can access PR after 3 years.

The other coveted sponsored visa is the 186, because this application is a PR Visa, there are two pathways to this, either after 3 years on the 482, or DIRECT entry, which also has 3 main steps:

1) Employer applies for sponsorship – 2) Employer nominates you for the position – 3) you lodge your visa linking to their nomination.

  • A skills assessment plus 3 years work experience is required from you.

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