How can we help your business?

By registering your company and your available roles you will enable us to match our candidates to your business needs.

At EMSA Employment Solutions we pride ourselves in hand-selecting the right candidate for your business. We go through hundreds of CV’s and match you with the right candidate with the right profile.

Hospitality venues

Partnering with EMSA, we are focused on working with our company partners to develop a personalised strategy for their international team members.

A strategy that incorporates the most effective visa mix, aimed at:

  • Minimising visa costs

  • Ensuring longevity of team member tenure

  • Enabling them to focus on growing their business.

Global Talent

At EMSA Employment Solutions, we understand the tourism and hospitality industry. When sourcing international team for your organisation, we look at countries where the work environment is similar to Australia.

  • Singapore and South East Asia
  • Mexico and USA
  • Middle East

Visa strategy

Sponsoring international team members can help provide continuity of employment reducing recruitment headaches and allowing you to focus on your service offering.

And coupled with this, picking the right mix of visas can help create a win / win scenario for both the company (longevity) and team member (pathway to residency in Australia).

Employer sponsored visas available:

  • Temporary skill shortage (482 visa)

  • Employer Sponsored Regional (494 visa)

  • COVID (408 visa)

  • Labour Agreement