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We can help you finding the right visa and employer for you to live in Australia

Amazing jobs opportunities and pathways to Australian residency for international chefs!

For Candidates2022-02-17T06:43:14+10:00

Australia is the best place to be!

When you come to Australia, you’ll be entering a beautiful, safe place to work and live. Consider some of the advantages to the Australian way of life:

We are EMSA Employment Solutions. It’s our job to help people just like you.

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Chefs are in demand in Australia!

It doesn’t matter where in Australia you want to work. Every state has a huge demand for chefs. You can work in the outback or on a beach or in a cosmopolitan city. It’s your choice because wherever you go, you will be in demand!

If your dream is to become a respected chef, you can work directly for some of the most talented and experienced chefs in the world. And if you already are a respected chef, you’ll be able to show off your skills to people who will really appreciate them.

All while living exactly the type of life you want!

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We work with a range of prominent Australian Employers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are EMSA Employment Solutions?2021-11-29T06:22:09+10:00

EMSA Employment Solutions is a part of EMSA. EES  was created to fill the needs of the hospitality industry and link candidates to jobs that our Employer database need.

We also provide clear advice on study options that can lead to permanent residency should your existing profile not currently enable you to go directly for migration.

Do you offer jobs in Australia?2021-11-29T06:22:46+10:00

Yes! specifically for those qualified in Hospitality – Once we have identified whether you meet the criteria we can link you to relevant Employers within the Hospitality industry and support your journey towards permanent residency in Australia – We have many large and well-known companies that we work with to connect the best candidates to the positions available

What sort of positions/roles can you help?2021-11-29T06:23:18+10:00

We work with the Hospitality Industry and there are a variety of roles that need to be filled – Complete the form and attend our information sessions, for more information as it will depend on the location of the company and the profile of the candidates.

How do I know what visa I need?2021-11-29T06:23:58+10:00

That’s where our combined specialist migration team and hospitality recruitment comes in!

Some positions can access a pathway to PR independently whereas other positions may be more specifically targeted to certain areas and companies in Australia.

EMSA and EMSA Employment Solutions will map out all your options and advise the different visas specific to your situation.