Who are we?

EMSA Employment Solutions is made up of a team of both hospitality & tourism professionals and international education & migration professionals.

Our team has extensive experience ranging from hospitality staff but also in assisting individuals to migrate and settle in to this beautiful country of Australia. We know that this is the best country in the world full of opportunities, and we want to assist individuals to fulfill their dream to build a career in Australia.

Through our own achievement and tenacity over the years, we want to be able to assist anyone with the right skills and positive attitude, the hardworking, the trustworthy and the high achiever to come and join us in growing and building a better future in Australia. The skills you have can be mutually beneficial for yourself as well as to regional Australia where the quality skills are not necessarily readily available in the time of need.

We are part of a growing company, we believe we can help you to make a difference.

Our Values.

EMSA Employment Solutions is a values led organisation and everything we do internally and externally as an organisation is driven by our values

We play as a team!

The EMSA Employment Solutions team is the companies most valuable asset.

We don’t do business with clients, we do connections with people!

Personal connection builds trust and long lasting relationships.

We begin with the end in mind!

Understanding the long term goals of the people we work with helps us develop more targeted strategies.

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