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Australia is a beautiful country,

filled with beautiful destinations, great restaurants, world-class hotels and a wide variety of 1st class hospitality businesses. It’s a great place to gain experience and with high demand for hospitality professionals, there are also pathways to residency allowing you to call Australia home*.

If you’re a passionate and experienced international hospitality worker, looking to live further your career in Australia then EMSA Employment Solutions (EES) can help you.

EMSA Employment Solutions are experts helping Australian businesses gain access to the best international talent.

* Through our sister organisation, Education and Migration Services Australia, we can help create a win for both companies and hospitality professionals.

EMSA Employment Solutions
helps businesses gain access to
the best international candidates

For companies, finding the right team members for your venue can be time-consuming, costly and not having them, can have a negative impact on your business! Imagine having access to the best global talent and team members working with you for 3+ years+

We work with a range of prominent Australian Employers

EMSA Employment Solutions offers you a better way to get the perfect job

Looking for the right hospitality job can be difficult and frustrating at times. Dropping your resume off at every bar, restaurant and hotel in town is never going to result in a good fit. And waiting around for opening hours or the hiring manager to show up is not the best use of your time.

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